At the Crossroads (St. Vith)



This defense-against-raids mission is a good one for Dog, Able, or whatever is your weakest company. The object is to erect hasty defenses and hold three points against waves of attacks by German infantry and armor. The Germans have no artillery or air power.

A simple strategy that works is to get, by late-game, at least 2 AT guns and 3 HMGs (independent crews or upgraded firing positions (FPs)) at each of the three points to be defended (just one AT is enough for the rail station). One or two powerful infantry squads such as a Lt. squad, or riflemen with BAR, plus an RE squad for building/repairing FP-HMGs and laying wire/TTs, plus the ambulance, can move around to the points where they are needed most—most attack waves hit only one or two points, not all three simultaneously.

  • You don’t need armor.
  • If you use Dog. Co. you are usually provided with a mortar team. These are useful for wiping pinned German squads and for hitting the German squad cars that jam your communications (see below), but you normally don’t need more than one.
  • Build FPs: At the railyard position to augment coverage of the main line of attack, and to cover the right side of that position from German infantry coming up the steps from the rails. At the crossroads in the center and on the right side behind sandbags. At the church at the left and right of your line. Each of these positions also should have at least one independent, non-FP HMG.
  • Early on, lay wire to block German infiltration through a small gap in a ruined building 10-20m to the left of the railyard position.
  • Lay TTs, especially at the front of the rail station and crossroads positions, to protect your HMGs/FPs from tank rushes up the middle.
  • When “jammer” scout cars have blocked your radio comms, use cheap units such as RE squads to run out and spot the cars and artillery or mortars to kill the cars.
  • The Germans often infiltrate a squad or two (Sturmpios?) from the bottom/right of the map around your base. If you can spare an RE squad you can wire off the infiltration paths, or you can just keep a couple of decent infantry squads at the crossroads position to kill that German squad when it shows.
  • You often start with several rifleman units. These provide less value for their pop-cap cost, compared to HMGs and ATs, so order them off the map as soon as you can spare them. Use only REs to man HMGs and AT guns.
  • Gold condition is fuzzy but relates to keeping Germans from capping any of the three points you’re defending—which is easy.