Breaking Lines


End-of-the-war feel to this one.


Theater of War Mission Pack: The Southern Fronts

Mission: Breaking Lines

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: Any will do, but don’t use a commander with KV-1 call in if you want KV-1s, as it will delay your access to them.


On this sprawling map, your two CPU-allies will be weak early-game, leaving you in a difficult situation against German superiority. However, your side collectively should recover strongly after 10-15 minutes and by 20-25 minutes should be eating away at the German base.

The default position is at the central base, which means your primary aim is to hold the central VP. Send your initial two conscript squads to that VP, while your engineer squad builds the tech building for HMGs. Upgrade the conscripts to throw molotovs. When the engineers are finished with the building, they should head for the VP too—upgrade them with flamethrowers on the way. The next three units to bring in will be HMGs. The conscripts can hold up short of the central VP, out of range of the two panzergrens and two Paks there; when the engineer squad joins them, they can attack the panzergrens with molotovs while the engineers hose down the panzergrens and Pak creews with the flamethrower. Use the conscripts to recrew the Paks, and bring everybody to the hillside below the VP. First HMG goes on the hillside, second in the building nearby, third on the hillside again. Bring in a mortar team. Now bring an engineer squad that will tech for tanks/M5s, and bring in an M5 for reinforcement, then just T-34s. Use the HMGs, mortar, and Paks to keep German infantry off the central VP. Once you have tanks and the M5, start strengthening your grip on the nearby points heading back to your base and help your CPU-ally take the right VP. Once you hold the middle and right VPs, and points in between, and have two T-34s, make a move toward the German base at the upper right of the map. You can just ring the base and mostly contain the Germans, to win on points, or you can establish a bridgehead into the lower right part of the base with most of your force and start pounding away at base buildings. Even if the Germans destroy your base-attack force, they will be so distracted and weakened that your CPU-allies will control all the rest of the map and victory will come quickly. But you might manage to destroy all three sets of base buildings with your T-34s and Paks.

A fun alternative is to play from the left base: Start the same way but send your conscripts to the left VP. They and the initial units that follow will have to do a wide flanking approach to an MG42 that is in place at the VP. Once you’ve molotov’d the MG42 and taken the VP—and recrewed the MG42—you can consolidate the position with an additional HMG, a couple of Zis guns, a mortar team, an M5, and then T-34s, allowing you eventually to sweep across the top of the map, progressively taking the German pressure off your CPU-allies and giving you the option, again, of a base rush or base-containment play.

[updated 4 Dec 2020]