Blazing Barbarossa


Germany takes Moscow in a two month blitz in summer 1941


Hearts of Iron (version 1.9.3), on normal difficulty



Research tech mainly to build up your industrial/research efficiency, etc. About 70% of your construction should be building mil factories, the rest refineries. Upgrade tank divs and send to Spanish Civil War, get Rommel, Manstein Panzer-qualified.

Get the medium tank research bonus (agreement with USSR) asap and start making med tanks no later than late 1937.

Your tank division template has 5 light tanks, the rest moto, with support: artillery, recon, eng, signals, maint.

Build more infantry divs starting late ’36. Each inf div has 10 inf battalions, with support: recon, eng, artillery (later hospital, logistics as well)

Have 12 light tank divs and 100+ inf divs ready by late 1938.

Have at least 20 factories making medium tanks—by now Panzer IVs. Upgrade the tank’s reliability to 3 and gun to 5 as soon as you can.

Have at least 20 factories making Bf109s (fighters), and 5 factories making Stukas.

Follow the usual focuses towards the invasion of Poland in summer ’39—but do not do the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact focus.



Declare war on Poland in the May-July ’39 time frame. Use the Around Maginot focus after the Poland focus.

Set your default garrison division to be a 4-bn cav division, with MP support.

After taking Poland, invade Netherlands, Belgium+Lux, and France, in that order. Take Netherlands and regroup on the Belgian border before declaring on Belgium.

Take all of France—don’t let them form the Vichy Republic.

You should now have 5-7 divs making light tanks, and 30+ making medium tanks.

Get Fw190s and Kanonenvogels.

Start building as many infantry divisions as you can (30+ at a time).

Start building infrastructure to level 8-9 from Berlin to the USSR border. This can replace all other construction. When that’s done, build 3-4 max-size airfields on that front.

Take your three strongest armies (3 x 24 divs) and put them on the German border with Yugoslavia.

Use the rest of your forces to garrison the German/occupied coastline from the Danish border down and around to the Italian border.

Use your subs to patrol the Baltic, the rest of your navy to serve as a strike force in the Baltic.

There will be prompts about Yugoslavia. Indicate that Germany is angry and will do something about it. “If they are not with us, they’re against us.” is the last one and means that Germany declares war on Yugoslavia. Take Yugoslavia and assign a few divisions to garrison the coast.

Take Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary, in that order. Put at least 24 divs on your border with Greece, to be ready when Italy declares on Greece.

Build up to 50-60 factories making medium tanks.

Make a new, 40W template, “assault division,” with 15 inf battalions, 5 med tank battalions, support from log, recon, eng, maint, field hospital.



Work towards a planned Barbarossa start date of 1 Aug 1941. Build up fuel and other resources to last for a two-month continuous campaign.

Convert at least 40 of your infantry divs to the assault division template and train up to “experienced” level.

Place three 24-div armies, each with mostly light tank and assault divs (and commanded by a general with the Panzer commander trait), under FM von Kluge. This is your “spearpoint” army group, Army Group Centre.

Form two other three-army army groups under Model and von Rundstedt. These consist entirely of ordinary infantry divisions.

Assign almost all of your aircraft, i.e., fighters and CAS, to Army Group Centre’s three armies.

Form a light “coast guard” template and convert about 70 inf divs to it. Use to garrison your non-navy-protected coastline against Allied naval invasion.

In early July 1941, start justifying against USSR (should take 25 days).

Also in early July, stop training your three army groups and put them on the USSR border. North group will thrust towards Leningrad, South Group towards Stalingrad, Centre towards Moscow obviously.

On Aug 1, declare war and let your army groups do their thing. The Centre group, which has all the tanks, should be in aggressive mode, the other two in medium mode.

If you have upgraded your tanks and your supplies are good, you should get about 60% of the way to Moscow by 1 Sept, and take the city by around 1 Oct.

You might run out of fuel before reaching Moscow but generally that doesn’t keep you from making progress.

Alternative strategies are to rush Panthers or Tigers and use just 4 battalions of these in your assault div template.

Halfway to Moscow


Moskau is Ours